Internet ISP

Our Internet Cafe is situated on AlJazaer Street, in the Basrah's City Centre. We offer wireless broadband services and satellite VSAT networks as per your needs; from banks to universities,


Web Hosting

We provide Domain Registration, DNS hosting, server hosting running Linux / Microsoft platforms. Application hosting such as ERP, and Business eMail with hosted exchange email.


Computer Sales

We sell new and used computers, printers, network routers, software, accessories, and build-to-order computers based on your needs. We also provided consulting, training, and support.



Our services provide both wired and wireless network support including fiber optics, video surveillance equipment and IP TV installation and IP TV services.



We prepare, plan, design, and install microwave links, GSM, establish E1s distribution schedules, and implement connection with NSS [ampersand] BSS equipment.


Our SERVICES What we offer

  • Internet ISP
  • Web Hosting
  • Computer Sales
  • Networks
  • Telecommunications

Our Company


Annabaa Company is one of the Almoosawi Group companies.

Company Profile

We were established in 2003 and we have a well-known reputation for quality of our services in providing a professional IT solutions to diverse corporations and organizations across Iraq.
Our senior consultancy engineers have extensive technical management experience as a leading provider of IT services in the southern region of Iraq.

Our priority is to ensure we remained a unified company working throughout the region where we are active.

Our aim to continue to be the preferred partner and supplier of IT services and solutions that innovates progressively and thereby contributes to the satisfaction and trust of our customers.

Our company was developed with its own resources and knowledge and contributes in development and competition in IT sector in the south region of Iraq with very high quality and low prices, and this makes us a technology leader IT Solutions Company.

Internet Services & Support

annabaa iss ic12141755  160 120Internet Cafe - We offer high-speed internet access, and a range of complimentary services.
annabaa iss wi12865598 160 120Wireless ISP Services - We offer wireless broadband services to access the Internet.
annabaa iss sa10051402 160 120Satelite Services - We provide satellite internet services to our clients.
annabaa iss vs5669873 160 120VSAT Solutions - We provide 4 different types of VSAT / Satellite solutions.

TeleCommunications Services

photo TC telecomTeleCommunications - We plan, design and install microwave links, GSM BBS equipment.

Web Hosting Services & Support

annabaa whs wh8792931 160 120Hosting Services - We offer web hosting platform services. 
annabaa whs dmn3342656 160 120Domain Name Services - We offer domain name registration services and DNS hosting.
annabaa whs os 160 120O/S Supported - Windows / Linux operating system (O/S) platform support.
annabaa whs em14811566 160 120eMail Services - We offer eMail Hosting services and support (POP3)

Network Services & Support

annabaa nss ns18005254 160 120Network Services - Assessment, Planning, Design, & Implementation for  LANs/WANs
annabaa nss nsau14 220 123Wired & Wireless Services - We offer wired and wireless network services & support.
annabaa nss fo12166974 160 120Fiber Optics Services - We specialize in fiber optics design and installation.
annabaa nss cc15059429 160 120CCTV Services - We assist business to take a proactive approach to surveillance & loss prevention.
annabaa nss ip17514433 160 120IPTV Services - We offer IPTV installation and support services.

Computer Sales & Accesories

annabaa.css pc17060136 160 120Computers - We sell new and used computers dekstops / laptops and software. 
annabaa css pr16009603 160 120Printers - We sell new color printers.
annabaa css rt 160 120Routers - We sell new wireless rourters and other network devices.
annabaa css pcf17410153 160 120PC/Server Customization - We specialize in customizing computers to your specifications.

Company B

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There are two options to see how mobile version works:

1. If You have an iPhone or iPod Touch or mobile based on Android Platform.
Open browser in mobile device and type www.demo.7studio.eu/joomla/fp/

2. If you don't have an iPhone, iPod Touch or Android phone, don't worry, you can still check it out.
Download the latest version of Safari browser for Windows or Mac OS and follow these steps:

  • run Safari,
  • click on Edit -> Preference
  • go to Advanced tab
  • check the checkbox for Show Develop menu in menu bar option
  • exit from the Preference dialog window, a new "Develop" menu will show in the menu bar
  • click on the Develop,
  • select the User Agent in the pull down menu
  • click to select Mobile Safari  - iPhone