CCTV Services

annabaa nss menu cctv15059429Theft, shrink, accidents, productivity & fraud pose enormous threats to business owners. Aside from the obvious financial strain they have on revenue, identifying and correcting these issues can become time consuming and frustrating. Annabaa Co. helps businesses to take a proactive approach to profit killers with a winning combination of carefully planned video surveillance monitoring and a comprehensive Loss Prevention Program. Our technicians have years of experience in the surveillance industry and have helped business owners identify problem areas and stop losses associated with theft, productivity and safety.
Our Services
  • CCTV Planning
  • Remote Video Surveillance.
  • Security Cameras.
  • Security Systems.
  • Remote Office Monitoring.
  • Loss Prevention Application.
  • PC Based DVR solutions.
  • Stand Alone Security DVR Solutions.
With a company philosophy of providing a large range at competitive prices, we should be your one and only port of call, when it comes to installing security devices in your property. We specialize in providing the perfect security solution for business and domestic premises alike and we're confident, as a company, that you'll find everything you're ever likely to need, when it comes to securing your premises. If you're not particularly well versed with the virtues of individual pieces of equipment our digital CCTV camera kit provides the obvious solution. Regardless of whether you opt for the basic product, or something with enhanced capabilities, you'll be more than impressed with the features they offer.
Whether you are in need of video surveillance equipment or looking to upgrade, repair or improve your existing system, Annabaa Co. can help you implement the optimal system for your business needs and put an end to profit killers altogether.