Network Services

annabaa nsmenu serv15935300Our network services provide assessments to evaluate the current condition of a designed or implemented network via documentation reviews or onsite network analysis. An assessment can help to prevent or fix network issues by evaluating the network, documenting design or implementation issues and offering resolutions, as well as provide information about potential problems that could result in future unplanned downtime.
Assessments can help you determine if the network is able to meet the functional requirements you need to achieve your goals.
  • Design Assessment — Network design reviews your existing design documentation (network layout, Bill of Material (BOM), cable schedules, configuration plans) to ensure the specified components, network architecture and network configuration scheme will meet your functional requirements. Your deliverable is a summary that can be used to ensure all vendor designs will interconnect without any issues, to verify the design is within your specific requirements or to offer third-party review.
  • Onsite General Assessments — This is a one day review of the network,s installation, configuration and information. You will receive a summary of findings with a rated criticality and high level path forward.
  • Onsite Comprehensive Assessment — This assessment focuses on your need (issue, upgrade or expansion),and can include operational tests, physical media testing or specific issue identification. Your deliverable is a summary that will assist you in preventing downtime by bringing your network up to optimal condition.

Fiber Optics Services

annabaa nss menu  fo12166974Over the years it has become evident that fiber optics are steadily replacing copper wire as the means of communication signal transmission. They span over long distances between local phone systems and they provide the backbone for many network systems. Fiber optics utilizes light pulses to transmit information down fiber lines instead of using electronic pulses to transmit information down copper lines. Annabaa Co specializes in fiber optic cable installation and fiber optic services. We have a knowledgeable team of expert fiber optic installers that can take care of any services you may need.
Some of the services we provide include:
  • Building-to-Building Cabling.
  • Fiber Cable Installation.
  • Coaxial Cable Installation.
  • Service for Connectors and Splicing.
  • Riser Test Documentation and Backbone Services.
  • Many other fiber optics installation services.
photo AU12 220 123Annabaa provides consultation services that ensure the customers' ultimate needs are met or exceeded. This also allows us to maintain a strong relationship with the customer from the project's planning stages to the installation phase and forward by performing regular maintenance, engineering, and installation services on an as-needed basis. Annabaa can ensure you meet your customers' needs by engineering the appropriate solution for your Fiber, Coaxial, Cat 5, Cat 6, Cat6A, and telecommunications wiring and installation whether the customer is residential or commercial.
Annabaa can perform all your construction needs and provide CAD drawings for the placement of fiber, twisted pair, and CATV cabling for underground conduits or direct buried applications. Look to Annabaa Co. when you need to move your existing service, add on to your service or change your service; we are here to help provide you with management solutions that are going to provide the best possible service that is custom-made to your business. In addition, we are available for emergency technical support service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

IPTV Services

annabaa nss menu iptv17514433Internet Protocol television - IPTV is one of the systems that offers its services through the ways of internet and television services by using an architecture and networking methods of the internet protocol suite over a packet-switched network infrastructure through internet and broadband internet access networks instead of being delivered through satellite signal, traditional radio frequency broadcast and cable television (CATV) formats.
IPTV is popularly known by a kind of multimedia services such as television / graphics / text / audio / video / data delivered over IP based networks and protocols that are managed to provide the required level of quality services along with the world class experience, interactivity, security and reliability. Live TV, Interactive TV and Video on Demand are some of the famous examples of IPTV.
In this modern and technology world, IPTV services may be classified into three main groups: time-shifted programming, live television and video on demand. With the implement of latest technology of on-going standardization process, subscriber-based telecommunications networks with high-speed access channels and preferential deployment scenarios via set-top boxes make IPTV distinguished from other Internet-based or web-based multimedia services.
 Annabaa Co. specializes in IP TV installation and IP TV services. We have a knowledgeable team of expert IPTV installers that can take care of any services you may need.






Wired & Wireless Services

photo AU6 220 123Annabaa services on wired and wireless network have been active since 2003 and utilize the latest techniques as well as offering 24/7 monitoring and callouts if required. Our remote access services can assist in locating and rectifying potential problems before they occur.
With our multi-vendor capability, we provide end-to-end service and support for networking environments; whether a small local business or a multi-site national operation. The depth and breadth of experience in the Wired & Wireless organization together with our ethos of 100% customer care sets us apart from other suppliers. Wired & Wireless offers the highest Quality after-sales service via our specialist teams in Project Implementation and Customer Support. We provide remote maintenance support, on-site maintenance and facilities management.
photo AU11 220 123Our support and maintenance platforms ensure rapid response times are met. Our clients have access to a dedicated call line for assistance and service. Our expertise in support helps deliver fast remote maintenance service, fast fault diagnoses and correction resulting in less down time and lower service costs to the customer.
We ensure all service levels agreed are supplied. Wired & Wireless providing exceptional levels of service that move beyond a service statement policy by:
  • Employing world class engineers and providing thorough training.
  • Holding stock on hand, so service staff can offer loan units until repair or replacement is organized.
  • Fielding service calls through our qualified staff that can assess the call and determine the right course of action.
  • Offering telephone support to help our clients diagnose faults and as such help them to reduce their network running costs.
  • Offering various remote dial-in services.
photo AU14 220 123Some outcomes of our maintenance systems include achieving higher levels of productivity, maximizing cost savings and maintain your competitive edge. Our knowledge and experience in servicing both mature and emerging technologies allows our clients to benefit from complete and individualized support.
In helping to migrate some of our clients to new technology platforms we continue to support their existing infrastructure that may no longer be serviced by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). It is our large installed base that enables us to continue to provide this service to our customers. With our Maintenance support services or FM plan our clients enjoy peace of mind knowing that our responsive teams are on their side.

CCTV Services

annabaa nss menu cctv15059429Theft, shrink, accidents, productivity & fraud pose enormous threats to business owners. Aside from the obvious financial strain they have on revenue, identifying and correcting these issues can become time consuming and frustrating. Annabaa Co. helps businesses to take a proactive approach to profit killers with a winning combination of carefully planned video surveillance monitoring and a comprehensive Loss Prevention Program. Our technicians have years of experience in the surveillance industry and have helped business owners identify problem areas and stop losses associated with theft, productivity and safety.
Our Services
  • CCTV Planning
  • Remote Video Surveillance.
  • Security Cameras.
  • Security Systems.
  • Remote Office Monitoring.
  • Loss Prevention Application.
  • PC Based DVR solutions.
  • Stand Alone Security DVR Solutions.
With a company philosophy of providing a large range at competitive prices, we should be your one and only port of call, when it comes to installing security devices in your property. We specialize in providing the perfect security solution for business and domestic premises alike and we're confident, as a company, that you'll find everything you're ever likely to need, when it comes to securing your premises. If you're not particularly well versed with the virtues of individual pieces of equipment our digital CCTV camera kit provides the obvious solution. Regardless of whether you opt for the basic product, or something with enhanced capabilities, you'll be more than impressed with the features they offer.
Whether you are in need of video surveillance equipment or looking to upgrade, repair or improve your existing system, Annabaa Co. can help you implement the optimal system for your business needs and put an end to profit killers altogether.